Al Kuwaitiyah, a tale of a building. A name that instantly evokes a narrative. The story of the headquarters building of Kuwait Airways in Kuwait City. The building introduced a set of controversies within the local community. Riddled with rumors of faulty structures, evicted and long remained partially demolished. It stood as a reminder of an era of rapid development and prosperity. The approach to the final piece is a process-based method of work and observation. The exhibited piece revolves around the building and a narrative written about it. A block printed pattern on linen evokes the facade of the building, and a cotton string is then stitched on top of the design, slowly intensifying in density, as a call back to the building’s long demolition process. Sadu acts as the backbone of the tapestry, inspiring it in structure and method, not being a direct representation or interpretation of Sadu. From the nomadic strands weaved through a laser-cut leather sheet to the repetitive structure of the print and stitching, these are concepts that are usually found in the utilitarian weaved Sadu items. Sustainability is tackled on a conceptual level, to sustain something is to preserve and pass it on. The constant demolition of modern heritage and structures is highly unsustainable; this is meant to shed light on this process of destruction and bring up awareness towards this obsession of newness. The piece itself will be partially taken apart during the exhibit, again bringing attention to the concept of none permanence and spreading the story of the building long forgotten. 

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